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HubNut Sticker - External - BACK IN STOCK!

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Yes, they're back! The original HubNut sticker, in orange or white. These are external stickers - peel the blue card off, press into place and then remove the paper backing carefully.

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5 product stars

Very happy with my HunNut sticker! It was firmly stuck to my car window within 2 minutes of receiving it! I then stood back and admired it with a nice cup of tea using my HubNut cup! Will be ordering more I m certain of this! Thank you Mr & Mrs HubNut!!

Posted by Terry on 18 May 2019
Very Pleased c
5 product stars

Having only recently discovered the rather fine Hubnut You Tube channel, and spent more time than is healthy binge watching it, imagine my delight at finding the Hubnut store! I pondered over which sticker to treat myself to and, with palms clammy with excitement, made my order. The communication from ordering to dispatch was dizzying - as to be expected when communicating with a celebrity (I consider Hubnut and Mrs Hubnut legends!). I was beside myself when a few days later, my sticker actually arrived at my house! I quickly opened it to be greeted by a piece of pure, orange externally sticky art. I steadied my nerves and cleaned the window of my Land Rover in readiness for the application (I had planned meticulously the positioning of the sticker while I awaited its arrival). With a far from steady hand, I carefully applied it to the exact spot and then had the greatest pleasure of the whole process.......removing the top paper thingy to finally reveal the full glory of my purchase. Choirs of angels sung sweet, heavenly music (in my head they did!) and finally, the moment came for me to stand back in rapture! Words cannot describe how I felt at that moment! All to soon, it was time to compose myself and examine closely my sticker. I really cannot fault it! The orangeness is perfect, the size is ideal and it will look perfect on almost any form of motorised transport! The sticker applied perfectly to the glass ( as it would equally to the paintwork) and remains exactly where I stuck it, a whole 28 hours and a rain storm later! I see peoples admiring looks as they walk past my Land Rover or I drive by. I kind of wish I had bought an internal one so it can t be stolen by a jealous opportunist. I am a very pleased Hubnut fan, and await further purchases with levels of excitement almost as great as when waiting for the next You Tube video!!

Posted by Richard Callison on 11 October 2018
No car deserves a better mod
5 product stars

No self respecting car owner should be without these sexy stickers , when parked in supermarket car parks i have to fight my way back into car through crowds of admirers .......... yes get the now thing in town each high quality sticker draws in the crowds even my c4 picasso hmmmmmmmmm . Good quality fab designed a must for hubnut fans 6 adorn my groovey french ride , another four on way even as i write this ....Neil

Posted by Neil Rose on 12 October 2021
seriously youre reading reviews still??
5 product stars

I have a lot of youtuber's stickers. like a wall of them. wasnt complete without this one. I dont even drive. not really a car person , as such. however Hubnut is an excelent watchable channel, and you need to have bought this already.

Posted by EMma on 15 October 2018
An orange better than Terrys
5 product stars

Twc must of burnt rubber to get my stickers so quick!!! Mr Hub nut you have done yourself proud with such a choice of orange. There is no way any other colour would clash and stand out on my blue car with such perfection, Superb !

Posted by mh/maggiemaz on 17 October 2018
Hub Nut sticker - the perfect gift, any time of the year.
5 product stars

I cannot believe no one has posted a review for this iconic merch..... The Hub Nut sticker is the complete adornment for your car. With bracing orange, the sticker emphasises the distinct quality of my Dacia Sandero, complementing the quality polar white, renowned by Dacia owners around the globe. Be proud of your motor, join the community, get your Hub Nut sticker to make your motor stand out in the crowd. What more could the motoring aficionado need I hear you ask. Quite. And all for the rock bottom price of 2.

Posted by Mark W on 22 August 2018
5 product stars

Delivery immediate, Amazing quality, Looks awesome on the car. Thank you, Wishing you and your new family a great festive season.

Posted by Cam on 12 December 2020
Love my HubNut stickers :)
5 product stars

Amazing only took a week to get to us in New Zealand. My Subaru Impreza will be rocking this funky wee sticker tomorrow. Thankyou HubNut team :)

Posted by Megan Wiseman on 29 August 2019
4 product stars


Posted by rick on 11 July 2022