HubNut sticker - internal

£2.50 inc. tax
Product Code: StickerInt

An alternative to the external sticker, these internal ones simply stick to the inside of a window, and can easily be removed and applied to another vehicle if you change vehicles anywhere near as often as Ian does! We're not sure for how long they remain removeable, as endurance testing stickers isn't something we normally do. We don't keep cars long enough...

Because there are several colours, the price of this sticker is slightly higher than our basic one. 

It does need fitting with care to avoid bubbles. Use a credit card or similar to push the air bubbles out as you fit the sticker and ensure the window is completely clean first (unlike our demo pic!). This isn't a 'cling' sticker, but one which uses a mild adhesive.

Also ideal to add that classy look to your home or garage.

110x110mm in size. Actually sticky.

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5 product stars

On the rear window of my Fiat Punto, and has certainly made it more interesting with this fantastic, easily recognizable sticker. Good, clean fonts, and good size.

Posted by Bill Baillie on 17 June 2020
5 product stars

Delivery immediate, Amazing quality, Looks awesome on the car. Thank you, Wishing you and your new family a great festive season.

Posted by cam on 12 December 2020
5 product stars

Bright colours and powerful yet agreeable adhesive make this sticker the ideal complement to any poverty spec automobile ! +5 BHP Max Power / +20NM Peak Torque / +40Db with any car stereo / Also improves braking

Posted by Joe on 18 May 2019
5 product stars

The quickest fun I've ever had for 2.50 !

Posted by Robert on 28 January 2019

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